6 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of (For the alternative bride/couple)

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One of the first venues that couples think of when they are planning a wedding is a church or other religious establishments. If you are looking to break tradition or just want to have a unique special experience, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of venues that will fit your unique style and needs. Even if you choose to uphold tradition and have your wedding ceremony in a church or temple, you can still hold your reception in a unique place that fits your personality and interests. 

By doing a little research and thinking outside the box, you’ll realize that there are a lot of hidden venues where you can enjoy your special day with your loved ones and invited guests. 

Need a little inspiration? Here are six unique wedding venues that will make your wedding a memorable one:

1. Botanical Garden or Greenhouse

If you have never been to a botanical garden or large greenhouse, you may not know how beautiful they truly are. Botanical Gardens and Greenhouses come pre-decorated with beautiful foliage, so you can skip many of the decorations that a traditional wedding or reception hall may need. They are temperature controlled allowing you to be surrounded by nature year round. Many botanical gardens and greenhouses can hold a large group or be used for a small intimate wedding.

2. Theaters

If you and your fiance are avid theater buffs and live for live performances and beautifully decorated stages, having your wedding and/or reception in a theater might just be for you. Imagine being center stage dressed in your finest while your friends and family watch the best play in the state. Many theater venues will help you put on the performance of a lifetime. You can even have your name in lights on their marque!

3. Historic Train Station

This one is truly outside of the box! Historic train stations, such as Union Station in downtown Ogden, Utah, scream vintage weddings held during a time period lost to history. If you are looking for a wedding theme from the old west, early 1900s, or you just love traveling, having a wedding or reception at a historic train station might just be the ticket. Many historic train stations have vaulted ceilings, huge windows, and marble floors, as well as outdoor event spaces. These unique features offer an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos that will leave your guests talking for years to come!

4. Zoos and Aquariums

Both zoos and aquariums can be not only a beautiful location for your wedding or reception, but a great location for all animal lovers! You can hold your wedding ceremony by the penguins and your reception by the giraffes. There are so many possibilities with both a zoo and aquarium backdrop. You might even be able to get your favorite animal to pose for pictures with you!

5. Airbnb

Have you had your eye on that Victorian estate or historic brownstone? You might have even found a location that has an amazing view in the backyard of an Airbnb. Not only can you find a great location, you can save money as well! Airbnb is becoming more popular for both wedding and reception locations. Instead of renting out that reception hall or golf course clubhouse, look into an Airbnb for a more intimate and unique venue.

6. Outdoor Locations

If you still need a little more inspiration or you are on a tight budget, consider holding your wedding in a local park, beach, or forest clearing. The outdoors can be used for any season with a little creativity and planning. Any outdoor location will offer amazing views and backdrops. The best part is that you can have a destination style wedding close to home.

Enjoy Your Big Day at These Elegant and Unique Places

Your wedding day should be special and memorable for both you and your fiance as well as your honored guests. No matter your interests, with a little planning and research you can have the perfect dream wedding in any location. What better way to spark your imagination than giving your significant other a unique wedding ring from E6 Rings.

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