About E6 Rings

At E6 Rings, we are proud to provide high-quality, unique, lightweight rings and carbon fiber jewelry.

Our Carbon Fiber Ring Beginnings

The founder of E6 Rings, Kade Ogden, has been working and experimenting with carbon fiber for over 15 years. When he discovered that other online stores were selling carbon fiber rings for an absurd amount of money, he decided to start his own business. Kade’s passion for composites was what started the E6 Rings journey. He worked with the unique carbon fiber material, experimenting with it until he designed many of the functional and fashionable designs you see today.

Why Should You Choose Durable Carbon Fiber Rings?

Carbon fiber is a great option for those looking for a unique wedding ring for many reasons. Carbon fiber is hypoallergenic, incredibly durable, and shatterproof, which means these real carbon fiber rings will stand the test of time. Another great aspect of carbon fiber is the fact that it is conflict-free. Instead of supporting unethically sourced metals, you can feel good about choosing a sustainable material.

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E6 Rings Values

We take pride in the unique jewelry we create  at E6 Rings. After creating his first carbon fiber ring, Kade decided he wanted to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy this incredible material without breaking the bank. With years of experience in composites, Kade creates designs that are fashionable, functional, and sustainable, which means you can look good and feel good about the carbon fiber ring that you purchase from E6 Rings. We are proud to craft unique carbon fiber rings that are designed to last, and with a wide range of designs, you are sure to find an affordable wedding ring that fits your style.

Learn More About Carbon Fiber Jewelry

We look forward to providing you with stylish carbon fiber rings that fit your needs. Have questions about our process, our carbon fiber jewelry, or want to customize a unique wedding ring? We are happy to help you find what kind of unique ring you are looking for.

Lifetime Warranty

If your ring breaks or chips from normal wear and tear we will replace it free of cost.

Sure Fit Policy

If your ring does not fit exactly the way you want it just send it back and we will remake it free of cost.

Handcrafted in the USA

Each ring is made by hand to the specifications you provide so please expect up to a week before your ring is shipped.