Matte Round Top Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Ring with Sedona Red Wood Core

Matte Round Top Carbon Fiber Unidirectional Ring with Sedona Red Wood Core

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  • Lightweight and durable unidirectional carbon fiber and Sedona Red Wood ring
  • Available in quarter sizes ranging from 5-14 (US)
  • Ring width can be customized, between 5-10mm
  • Handcrafted to comfort fit
  • Hypoallergenic, never turns your finger green
  • Not corrosion resistant, do not immerse in water for long periods of time
  • Modern, affordable wedding ring
  • Handmade, made in the USA

Round Top Red Wood by E6 Rings is a unique carbon fiber ring with a rounded top, a unidirectional pattern, a matte finish, and a stunning Sedona Red Wood core. Being made with carbon fiber and red wood means this band is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and lightweight. This durable ring is great for everyday wear, and is a sophisticated, non-metal ring that makes a great contemporary wedding ring. With a unique red wood core, this unidirectional carbon fiber ring sets itself apart from other carbon fiber rings on the market. This E6 ring is made in the USA and hand made to comfort fit.

Rings crafted with wood are not waterproof. Use caution, and do not expose this ring to water for long periods of time. Normal daily wear and hand washing will not compromise the ring's quality. Thoroughly dry the ring if exposed to water. Not recommended for long water immersion, such as swimming or washing dishes."

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