Matte Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Diagonal Pattern Ring

Matte Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Diagonal Pattern Ring

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  • Carbon Fiber Ring with matte finish
  • Made with strong 2x2 twill, shatter-resistant carbon fiber (2,457 kN.m/kg) rotated 45-degrees
  • Hypoallergenic material for those with sensitive skin
  • Corrosion resistant - resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Lightweight and high strength to weight ratio
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Made to comfort fit
  • Available in quarter sizes ranging from 4-16 (US)
  • Ring width can be customized, between 4-15mm
  • Made in the USA
Carbon fiber is considered as one of the most durable materials on the planet, and this Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Ring with a Matte Diagonal Pattern has a sleek, masculine edge with a subtle sophistication. So thin and light it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a ring.

Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah, this carbon fiber ring makes a great ring for men. This unique piece of hypoallergenic jewelry is incredibly strong, light, and stylish for a variety of personal preferences.

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