Matte Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Horizontal Pattern Ring

Matte Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Horizontal Pattern Ring

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  • Carbon Fiber Ring with matte finish
  • Made with strong 2x2 twill, shatter-resistant carbon fiber (2,457 kN.m/kg) rotated 45-degrees
  • Ultra thin thickness
  • Hypoallergenic ring which will not stain your finger
  • Corrosion resistant ring which can withstand harsh chemicals
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Made to comfort fit
  • Available in quarter sizes ranging from 4-16 (US)
  • Ring width can be customized, between 4-15mm
  • Made in the USA
This Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Ring has a matte horizontal pattern which makes a unique design for non-traditional mens jewelry. Don’t like wearing rings? This thin carbon fiber ring is hypoallergenic and lightweight so it feels like you are wearing nothing on your finger.

Highly durable and lightweight ring with a high strength to weight ratio. Consider wearing this simple ring made from genuine carbon fiber and has a style suitable for a variety of personal preferences.

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