5 Benefits of Carbon Fiber Rings Compared to Other Materials

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Self-expression is an integral part of our lives. Hairstyles and clothing choices are fundamental tools of self-expression. Now jewelry makers are giving us another option, carbon fiber rings, in addition to rings made from more traditional materials.

Even though carbon fiber was discovered about 150 years ago by Thomas Edison, it wasn’t developed and utilized in the United States until the 1950s. Carbon fiber is very versatile and can be used for many different purposes, the most recent of which include jewelry. This is a true innovation because carbon fiber isn’t a metal. It’s actually a material composed of fibers that are tightly woven together. Carbon fiber rings have a distinctly different look and feel for those who are craving something unique or a non-traditional wedding ring.

Carbon fiber rings are made in two ways. The first is to inlay a strip of carbon fiber inside a metal setting. This ring would be similar to wearing any other ring made of metal materials. The second is to create the band solely from carbon fibers and eliminate any metal elements. This ring would have a different textural surface and feel lighter. These two design methods give creators the ability to offer many different style and color options at more affordable prices.

These are just a few of the advantages of choosing a carbon fiber ring.

  1. Durability – Metals like gold and silver are soft and can be easily scratched, dented, and even forced out of shape. Carbon fiber rings won’t crack or warp when dropped and scratches can be buffed out with fine-grade sandpaper.
  2. Lightweight – A carbon fiber ring weighs up to three times less than a titanium ring and is noticeably lighter than gold, silver, and steel.
  3. Hypoallergenic – Materials like cobalt, zinc, and nickel can cause skin reactions. Carbon fiber is a great hypoallergenic ring choice for those with metal or silicone allergies.
  4. Ease of removal – Sometimes a medical emergency or accident makes removing a ring essential for treatment. While traditional rings have to be cut off using dangerous and sometimes precarious methods, carbon fiber rings can be cut easily and removed without incident.
  5. Affordability – While gold and silver rings can cost thousands of dollars, stylish carbon fiber rings can be created and offered for a lot less.

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