Tips for Choosing the Correct Ring Width

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A lot of investments are made when it comes to rings. It’s likely for someone to wear non-traditional bands often. So, it’s imperative to shop for a comfortable ring.

Finding the Proper Fit Ring

Even the slightest difference in your ring width can be a deal-breaker. But don’t despair. Our ring size guide will help you identify the correct ring width.

The most common ring sizes range from size 3 to size 14. Women can fit rings between sizes 3 and 9, and men can fit ring sizes ranging from size 8 to size 14.

Ring Width Guide

Each person will have an ideal width. However, a comfortable width can sometimes be determined by its diameter and circumference. These range from small (4mm) to large (12mm):

-        Small: Sizes 3 through 5 1/2

-        Medium: Sizes 6 through 9.5

-        Large:  Sizes 10 through 14

It’s advisable to know the exact ring measurement before buying your ring.

How to Choose the Correct Ring Width

We have compiled the ring size guide below to help you choose the correct ring width.

Use the ring size chart

The chart will help you compare your measurements and sizes. Take note of different ring widths by comparing several brands and styles.

Use a ring sizer

A sizer will let you measure your ring size in inches or millimeters, depending on the circumference or diameter of the ring. You can get a ring sizer by clicking this link to our website.

Consider your ring size

Some rings come in two sizes – standard size and half-size:

-        If you are between sizes, choose the larger or smaller size. But with rings that have carbon fiber on the inside, you should go for a smaller size (you can get a fitting size by sanding out the inside without compromising the strength)

-        If you have a thick finger, go with a wider band

-        If you have thin fingers, take the narrower band

-        When in doubt, order two non-traditional bands for your regular ring size to compare them for comfortability

-        Engage an experienced jeweler! A jeweler will help you choose the correct ring width. 


Looking for a professional ring size guide?

E6 Rings is here for you. We’ll help you learn more about choosing the correct ring width. Whether you are looking for a ring for you or for a Father’s Day gift, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started!

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