All You Need to Know About Texalium

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We know and love the durable, black/gray weave of pure carbon fiber. We also love how light it is compared to other popular metals such as gold and titanium.

You have probably seen carbon fiber that has a little color to it and is simply advertised as colored carbon fiber. This description is often inaccurate because you are probably looking at something entirely different: texalium.

What is Texalium?

Texalium is a fabric made of fiberglass with an exclusive, silvery gloss. It was an innovation from Hexel, a California-based company. Texalium has a tiny layer of 99.99% pure aluminum metal on the surface that is responsible for this unique look that adds a bit of brightness to the typical dark carbon fiber. This layer of aluminum coating is only 200 angstroms thick, with one angstrom being one ten-billionth of a meter.

Texalium has a highly reflective surface, giving it a glamorous and sophisticated sparkle. It can also be combined with normal carbon fiber to create unique patterns, such as this silver texalium ring with a carbon fiber slash.

Therefore, texalium is different from carbon fiber in the following ways:

  • Texalium is silver in color with a highly reflective surface, while carbon fibers are black/gray and have more of a matte appearance.
  • Texalium exclusively has a 2x2 twill while carbon fiber has a 4x4 twill.
  • Texalium has a thin aluminum layer while carbon fiber does not.

Apart from these differences, carbon fiber and texalium share many similarities.

Why Should You Consider Texalium For Your Ring?

The reasons you should consider texalium for your rings are similar to those of carbon fiber:

  • It’s durable
  • Up to 5x stronger than steel
  • Lightweight

 The main difference is that texalium has a natural, brighter appearance that mimics other favorites such as titanium and stainless steel.

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