Winter Proposal Ideas

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Winter is arguably the most romantic season—depending on where you live, snow may fall from the sky, there will be holiday music playing everywhere you go, and a sense of cheer all around. Winter also goes hand-in-hand with unique and incredibly memorable proposal opportunities, so you can ask your partner to spend forever with you by presenting a beautiful engagement ring. 

To provide you with some inspiration when it comes to planning the perfect winter proposal, the team at E6 Rings wants to share a few incomparable ideas. 

A Christmas morning proposal

If you wake up early on December 25th to open gifts with your special someone, consider wrapping the ring up in a large box and saving it for last. The oversized box will throw them off the scent of a possible proposal and pleasantly shock them when they unwrap the gift, revealing a sparkling engagement ring. 

Take a sleigh or horse-drawn carriage ride

During the holidays, there are tons of festive, romantic activities to do with your loved one. On date night, plan a trip on a horse-drawn carriage through the city or a sleigh ride at a nearby mountain, and pop the question when you’re passing the most scenic area. 

Call in the carolers

There’s no better way to surprise your future fiancé than by hiring a group of professional carolers to swing by your home. Instead of the carolers singing traditional Christmas tunes, have them sing something a little more romantic, join them for the last verse, and propose when the song finishes. 

Make a toast

Proposals don’t always have to be private. If you know your future fiancé would like to share this moment with their friends and family, consider proposing at a holiday gathering. When everyone sits around with a drink, raise your glass, make a toast, and ask your partner to marry you. Without a doubt, everyone will feel so lucky to share this moment with the two of you.

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